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Tenants and residents groups

Here is a list of recognised tenants' and residents' groups in the Northwards Housing area. 

If there is no email address or telephone number shown, please contact us for their details.

TA = Tenants' Association
T&RA = Tenants' and Residents' Association
TMO = Tenant Management Organisation




Lower Crumpsall T&RA: Janice Fitton,

Dam Head

Dam Head & Crosslee TRG: Joan Fitzgerald (Chair), 0161 795 1085,


SHOUT TMO: Nigel Roland, 0161 202 6482,

Higher Blackley

Hillside T&RA: Janice White,

Miles Platting/Ancoats

New Cross Residents Group: 07805 3377882,

Victoria Square TA: contact us

Newton Heath

Queensferry T&RA: 0161 688 4378,

Troydale T&RA: Derek Purnell, 0161 682 9846,

Avro Hollows TMO: Linda Brokenshire (Housing Manager), 0161 682 5454,


Smithfield TA: Paul Davenport (Secretary), 0161 834 7018,