You could win £50 vouchers if you let us check your gas

August 15 2016 | Articles | News
Janet Nickson With Her Granddaughter Ellie

(Janet Nickson, pictured with her granddaughter Ellie, won £50 vouchers after letting us in to do her gas safety appointment)

If you keep to the first gas safety appointment we give you, you could win £50 vouchers.

That's what happened to Janet Nickson (pictured above). Because she let us in the first time we asked to carry out her safety check, her name was entered into a prize draw. Now she has £50 to spend at a range of big-name shops.

Gas safety checks - what they are and when we'll do yours 

We will service any gas appliances we’ve installed in your home and check the safety of any gas appliances you've bought too. All in all, it takes less than an hour. 

We’ll write to you before your safety check to let you know when we’re going to come. If you stick to this date, you'll be entered into the prize draw - it takes place every three months.

If the date is no good, we can arrange for a better time, including Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. However, we have to do the check each year by law, so if you don't make arrangements to allow us to do the safety test, we will have to force our way in to your home. This is expensive to do, and we will charge you for it. 

So please - let us in and you could win!

Find out more about your gas safety check

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