Worried about a neighbour?

March 14 2018 | Articles | News
If You Are Worried About A Neighbour Tell Us

Contact us if you're concerned about a neighbour.

We work closely with other agencies to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm. 

If you are concerned about a child, we will work with other agencies to safeguard that child. We can support the whole family, signposting them to services which can help with employment, budgeting and keeping children in school.

We can also deal with concerns about adults; for example, older people who might have care needs, disabled people, those with mental health issues and people who are vulnerable due to drug and alcohol problems. We can work with social services, health services and mental health and other support services to ensure that these people are receiving the right care and support.

How can I tell if someone needs help?

There are signs to look out for which can suggest a person may need a helping hand. Poor property condition can be a sign of other issues, so if a home is particularly dirty and the person looks as if they can’t manage, tell us about it. A good test is to ask yourself "would I want a member of my family living in these conditions?”. If the answer is no, it’s time to contact us.

Here’s how we can help

Working together with other agencies, we helped to change the life of a man who had been keeping so much stuff in his flat that he couldn’t use any of his rooms properly, including his bedroom. He was suffering with health problems as a result.
His condition, known as hoarding, meant his flat was a serious fire hazard, putting neighbours at risk too.
When we found out about the man’s difficulties, we worked with him to build his trust, clear his flat and supported him to turn his life around.
Neighbourhood housing officer Adam, who worked with the tenant, said: “He looks really, really well now. He’s really happy and says things are going well. A lot of it was down to him accepting the help and allowing us to provide that support.”

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