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September 17 2015 | Articles | News
Taking A Look At The Northwards Website On A Tesco Hudl

(We've designed the website to look great on all kinds of devices - especially mobiles and tablets)

We’re pleased to launch the brand new Northwards Housing website

We’ve worked hard to make it as handy and easy for you to use as possible.

Our previous site was over ten years old and very much in need of a makeover. There were too many pages, it wasn’t always easy to find things and it looked pretty rubbish on a mobile phone. It was a website for a different time; a time before iPhones, iPads, widespread WiFi and 4G.

Quick and easy to use

We hope you’ll find the new website a much better experience. We’ve built it to:

- be simple to browse on mobile phones and tablets as well as computers
- help you to quickly find the information you want
- be so easy to get things done that you could probably pop the kettle on and order a repair before the water’s boiled

But we’re not stopping there – in fact we’ve only just started.

Over the next couple of years, we will introduce more improvements to the site so that it allows you to do a lot more, especially making it even easier for you to manage your repairs online.

It’s early days, but we hope that you find our new site a lot more satisfying to use.

Take a look around and let us know what you think.

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