Want money for a community event? You need to act now!

June 01 2015 | Articles | News
A photo from the fun day showing a family interacting

If you want to organise an event on your estate this summer, then we may be able to help you.

We have a fund for local events and we need you to help us spend it.
If you have a great idea for a fun-day in your area, then just fill in this form:

Funding application form

£9,000 available

We've set aside £9,000 to fund local events and our resident involvement team can help you to plan, organise and run them.

Ideas could include a local treasure hunt, a family fun day or a neighbourhood BBQ. Our only condition is that it has to be something that brings neighbours and communities together.

But you need to act now – our closing date is 26th June 2015.

If we have more applications than we have money for, we will have to choose the best ones, so try to come up with something original and fun!

Other ways to get funding

Apply for a cash grant from Manchester City Council

Check out our Eric Hobin Fund

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