New smoke alarms are coming - do you test yours?

November 15 2016 | Articles | News
A pictured of fire damage to a hallway

(Fire damage in a Northwards property - the cause was Christmas tree lights)

Letting us fit your new smoke alarm and testing it regularly could save your life.

We replace your smoke detectors every ten years. The new smoke alarms we install use top-of-the-range technology to sense fire in your home.

They have two sensors and they only activate if both heat AND smoke are detected, so the days of burnt toast setting off your smoke alarm are well and truly over.

When will we fit the new alarm?

Because we replace your smoke alarm once every decade, it may be quite a while before you get yours, but we'll write to you when it's time and offer you an appointment. If it's not convenient, you just need to get in touch with us to arrange a better time.

Be careful

It's important that you allow us to do this work, and even if you're not due a new alarm for a few years, it's wise to test your current smoke alarm regularly.

The picture above was taken after Christmas tree lights started a serious fire in one of our properties. The tenant was unhurt, but she lost everything.

Smoke alarm not working?

If it's a mains-powered alarm, get in touch with us and we'll come round and sort it:

Order a repair 

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