Keeping you safe

June 18 2018 | Articles | News
A Boiler Repair

Every now and then, we'll write to you to arrange an important safety check or service. It's vital that you let us in - the checks we do could save your life.

Once a year, we must do a free gas safety check at your home. We have to do it by law - but it's also for your safety.

Every year in the UK, 30 people are killed and many more are made ill by carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty gas appliances like fires and boilers.

Don't take the risk

When we write to you to arrange a visit, please keep your appointment or rearrange it for a more convenient time. If you keep missing appointments, we'll have to change the locks to your home to do the check. This is expensive to do and we would charge you for it.

This would be a last resort, but we must carry out the safety check. If we didn't, we would be breaking the law.

£50 shopping vouchers

To say thank to all the tenants who keep to their first gas appointment, we enter your name into a prize draw. Every three months, someone wins £50 shopping vouchers.

Once every five years, we also visit you to make sure everything's OK with your electrics, and we replace your smoke detector every 10 years as well.

We'll also arrange to service any equipment you have in your home, such as lifts, hoists and stair lifts.

The checks are quick, free and vital for your safety, so please make sure you help us to help you.

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