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December 03 2015 | Articles | News
Digital Champion Pauline Obi Helps People Get To Grips With Using The Internet

(Digital champion Pauline Obi demonstrating how to use our free WiFi) 

We’re looking for ‘Digital Champions’ to help people get online.

People who don’t access the internet tend to spend more money on bills because most of the best deals are advertised online.

If you're reading this now on our website, you probably know this already. We need your help to get the word out to others.

Would you like an iPad? We'll give you one!

It’s a volunteer role and - thanks to funding from the National Lottery - we can provide you with your own iPad.

Pauline Obi (pictured above), from Ancoats, has been volunteering as a digital champion with us since March. She’s worked all over north Manchester and she’s making a real difference.

She said: “After an operation, I was unable to return to work full time. Volunteering has been perfect for me. It has given my confidence a real boost. It’s helping me get ready to go back to work.”

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