Injunction order for nightmare neighbours

October 12 2016 | Articles | News

A couple whose selfish and abusive behaviour made life miserable for their neighbours have been ordered by Manchester County Court to stop or face the consequences.

Anthony Smith, 48, of Deepdale Court, Blackley and Sarah McDaid, 54, of Baguley Crescent, Middleton caused uproar for Smith’s neighbours.

The court heard that on several occasions, the couple would make noise well into the early hours of the morning, ranging from hammering and vacuuming to playing loud music and screaming and arguing with each other. 

Disrupting a funeral cortege

But their anti-social behaviour (ASB) didn’t stop there. On one occasion, the couple interrupted a funeral procession leaving Deepdale Court. A car they were getting into blocked the funeral vehicle’s path while the pair swore and shouted at each other in front of the mourners.

The court heard that they’ve also caused problems individually. One time, Northwards staff asked McDaid to leave Deepdale Court’s community room after she was drunk and abusive to the tenants, while on another occasion, a visitor to Smith’s flat was caught on CCTV urinating in the lift.

Putting a stop to it

We took Smith and McDaid to court for their behaviour in September 2016. They have been served with injunction orders, meaning they can be arrested if they harass or cause nuisance to anyone in Deepdale Court.

In addition, McDaid has been ordered not to step foot anywhere on Northwold Drive, where Deepdale Court is located, for 12 months.

Mike Stevens, Northwards' director of neighbourhood services, said: "Smith and McDaid showed a shocking lack of respect to the tenants of Deepdale Court. Their actions have been utterly unacceptable.

"By working closely with tenants in the block, we’ve been able to put together a case against the pair and I’m glad that the court agreed with us that this behaviour simply cannot go on."

We do not tolerate ASB. Report it to us online. 

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