Injunction for anti-social tenant

June 13 2016 | Articles | News
A silhouette of a woman

A woman who has made life miserable for neighbours with drunken and abusive behaviour has been given a civil injunction order.

In April 2016, Northwards staff witnessed Elizabeth Morgan, 51, of Deepdale Court, shouting abuse at other tenants and encouraging a male friend to attack a neighbour.

We took action against Morgan and in May 2016, Manchester Crown Court issued an injunction against her. Now she can be arrested if she engages in anti-social behaviour (ASB) anywhere in or around Deepdale Court.

Mike Stevens, our director of neighbourhood services, said: “Residents in Deepdale Court have had enough of this woman’s antics and so have we. When tenants tell us about anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhood, we’ll work with them to sort it out.”

We will not tolerate ASB. If you see Morgan break her injunction, please contact police on 101 or contact us.

You can report ASB through this website.

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