Improving Clifford Lamb Court

July 25 2016 | Articles | News
Before And After Pic of Clifford Lamb Court

We’ve spent over £1million improving Clifford Lamb Court.

The work will help the tenants stay warm and save money as temperatures drop.

We’ve added external insulation and new windows to the Blackley high-rise block so that tenants are able to make the most of its cutting-edge heat pump.


The pump – which we installed last year – gets heat from the earth’s core by pumping water 150m into the ground before bringing it back up to use in the building.

It’s the first time that this kind of technology has ever been used in a multi-storey housing block.

Saving carbon, saving money

The energy produced by the pump alone has helped tenants to save on their heating bills, but by making these extra improvements, Clifford Lamb residents will be even better off as more heat will stay inside the building.

In total, the improvements will save around 850 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.


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