If you’re not feeling OK, Be Well is here for you

August 13 2018 | Articles | News
Be Well Team Member Bernadette Chapman Giving Advice

(Be Well's Community Link Workers like Bernadette Chapman are here to listen and help) 

If you’re going through a tough time or finding it hard to cope, Be Well is here for you. It’s a support service we’re helping to run with the NHS and others.

They could make a real difference to you if you are struggling with things like:

  • loneliness
  • stress
  • feeling down about things
  • long term health conditions
  • job worries
  • money worries
  • unhealthy diet and exercise
  • difficult living situations
  • not sleeping
  • smoking too much

 “We can help people to start feeling more positive about themselves and their lives as a whole,” said Bernadette Chapman, who works for the service.

“A GP can usually only spend about ten minutes with a person and they’ll often spend that time telling you things you need to do and medication you need to take. But sometimes, medication doesn’t fix a problem.

“Where we can help is that we’re able to spend longer with a person and really focus on what you’re about; the things you want to do with your life and what may be stopping you.

“For example, a person recently came to us who was very lonely, suffering with depression and a drinking problem.  He had a real love of history, so I helped him to get a volunteering opportunity at Manchester Museum; he’s there twice a week now. He’s built his confidence and he’s not taking as many anti-depressants anymore.

“It sounds daft, but he’s now able to go to pubs again. He would avoid spending time with his mates because of his drinking problem; now he’s able to go and enjoy a game of pool with them each week and not feel that he has to drink.

 “If you’re struggling to cope, get in touch. We’re friendly, warm, down-to-earth and not judgmental. We can help you get onto the right path for you.”

Want to contact Be Well?

Simply speak to your GP surgery and ask to be referred to Be Well. The team can meet you at a time and place that suits you. 

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