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August 12 2015 | Articles | News
Norma Ogden Having A Drink In Her Garden On Warbeck Road

(Norma Ogden - winner of 'Best Garden' - enjoying a drink on her lawn)

We visited north Manchester’s greatest gardens in July, as judging took place for our annual gardening competition. 

Three prizes were up for grabs:

Best garden

Best garden went to Norma Ogden of Warbeck Road (pictured above). The judges were impressed by a riot of colour in the front. Round the back a peaceful, fragrant space waits for green fingered Norma to enjoy a well-earned brew.

Best communal garden

L R Angela Connor And Mary Armstrong Of Irk Valley Tenants Residents Group In Their Communal Garden

Best communal garden went to the Irk Valley Tenants and Residents Group. Here's Angela Connor (left) and Mary Armstrong of the group sat on one of their benches.

The Irk Valley Estate is extensive and the judges were really impressed by the thoughtful planning. Rather than one garden, this entry was made up of several small plots, each with their own theme.

There’s a memory garden for residents to remember neighbours who have passed away and a pretty seating area with solar lighting so tenants can enjoy the outdoors in the evening.

No matter where you live on this estate, a pretty plot isn’t far away. Bird boxes decorated by local kids are also fixed to the trees:

A Bird Box In Irk Valleys Communal Garden

A special award

John Wilson In The Garden At Rushcroft Court

A special award went to John Wilson (pictured above), who is keeping tenants happy at Rushcroft Court.

John, who is 83, had an accident last year which damaged his knee. He hasn’t been able to do as much since.

But Northwards staff and pupils from Crosslee Primary School helped him get Rushcroft Court looking fabulous again!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition – you’re all winners!

Keeping your garden tidy

Keeping your garden tidy is an important part of your tenancy agreement. In fact, last year we took legal action against 10 tenants for not looking after them properly.

Don’t let this happen to you. We don’t expect everyone to have gardens as beautiful as these. Just keep it neat!

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