Green Travel Week

June 15 2015 | Articles | News
Robin On His Bike

(Northwards' chief executive Robin Lawler leads by example on his bike)

Why not make the most of the good weather and get active?

Lots of Northwards staff have been feeling the benefits of ditching their cars and walking or cycling to work instead.

Over 300 car free miles

Last week, we held our own 'Green Travel Week', and staff clocked-up well over 300 car-free miles between them.

Walking or cycling those smaller journeys we have to do is cheaper and an easy, enjoyable way of getting exercise. Plus, it means less cars on the road, so less fumes and less danger.

Even getting the bus makes a difference

If walking or cycling isn’t an option, there’s always the city’s huge bus and tram networks to help you get where you need to go. Did you know that if drivers in the UK did just one journey a month on the bus instead of their car, it would mean a saving of two million tonnes of CO2?

So why not get involved? Here’s some links to help:

Free adult cycling training

Not cycled in a while? Not sure about cycling on roads? Never learnt? Whatever your level, this course can help you get back on the saddle.

Journey planner

Quickly and easily find out everything you need to know to get from A to B on public transport.

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