Fighting period poverty

November 26 2018 | Articles | News
Neighbourhood Housing Officer Christine Centre With Laura And Alison From The Co Op Academy Manchester And Our First Collection For The Red Box Project

We are supporting The Red Box Project, a nationwide scheme to provide free sanitary wear in schools.

The charity was set up after research discovered that, out of girls aged 14-21 in the UK…

  • one in ten have been unable to afford sanitary wear, while one in seven have struggled to afford it.
  • 49% have missed an entire school day because of their period, of which 59% have made up a lie or given a different excuse to cover the absence.

We are collecting donations of sanitary towels (but not tampons), knickers and tights in various sizes at each of our offices. All donations go to benefit pupils at Co-op Academy Manchester in Higher Blackley.

We also have dress down Fridays in our offices to raise money for local charities. One of these a month will benefit the Red Box Project, with the funds used to buy new sanitary wear.

Our first collection

Our First Collection For The Red Box Project

A huge thanks to everyone who's donated so far - Laura and Alison from the school (pictured at the top beside our own lovely Christine, who sorted all the collections out) came to pick up our first batch of donations last week.

If you would like to donate, you’ll find a red box like the one Christine's holding in the above photo in your local Northwards office. Thanks for any contributions you make!

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