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May 23 2018 | Articles | News
Adam, A Northwards Housing Officer

(Adam, Northwards Housing Officer)

Speak to us - we'll take action over anti-social behaviour (ASB).

We believe everybody has the right to live in a happy and healthy environment.

Unfortunately, sometimes people cause problems for their neighbours and spoil things for others.

We will act quickly to stop ASB

ASB comes in many different forms, from serious acts of violence and harassment to more everyday incidents like noisy dogs and overgrown gardens.

Whatever the problem, we take all complaints seriously. We can make a difference, whether the problem is straightforward or more complex.

Adam Douglas, a neighbourhood housing officer (pictured above) helped bring peace back to the residents of a block of flats.

"We had received complaints that youths were going in, causing damage and intimidating residents," he said.

"Working alongside the residents and other agencies, we identified the youths and brought them in for warning interviews with their parents. The damage they caused was dealt with by the police.

"Things are much quieter now and the residents are really grateful we were able to help."

The first steps

If you feel you are in immediate danger, you must call the police on 999.


report ASB online now

You can also visit your local office or give us a call on 03000 123 123.

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