Creating a Community Garden

August 23 2016 | Articles | News
Derek Purnell Of Troydale Tenants Residents Association And Tony Budgett From Northwards

(Derek Purnell, of Troydale Tenants & Residents Association, and Tony Budgett from Northwards)

We've been helping to create a beauty spot for residents in Newton Heath.

Our estate services team cleared some of the trees along the canal to make way for what Troydale Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) hope will become a community garden for local people to enjoy.

The group has been working closely with the Canal & River Trust, CStar, Newton Heath Eco Youth, Friends of Rochdale Canal and local councillors to put the plans into motion, just behind Dolwen House.

Derek Purnell of the TRA said: "A while ago, we started clearing up the canal because we were concerned about its condition, so we got together with the Canal & River Trust and the councillors and we started having annual clean up days.

"Some of the tenants were concerned about the overgrown trees in this spot along the canal - they thought they could be a security risk, as it would be easy for people to hide in them.

"So it was decided to create a community garden instead. We're looking to start planting things in the spring. 

"We'd like to see local residents getting involved and looking after it and taking the fruit and taking the veg."

If you would like to get involved with the garden, you can find Derek's contact details - and the details of all the tenants' and residents' groups across our areas - on the tenants' and residents' page.

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