Congratulations Sue!

May 12 2017 | Articles | News
Sue Abbott (1)

Northwards tenant Sue Abbott, chair of our board, has been elected to the board of the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) – helping to improve social housing on a national level.

Northwards is an ALMO – an arms-length management organisation – and the NFA represents all ALMOs across the UK. They lobby and negotiate with central government on behalf of all ALMOs. As they put it in their recent annual report, the NFA fights “on behalf of tenants and ALMOs across the country for a better deal for council housing.”

Sue, who lives in Harpurhey and has been a council tenant since 1991, said: “I’m very much looking forward to this new venture. I’ve gone to many NFA conferences in the past, so it’s exciting to be able to get involved with their work and have an impact on the decisions they make; decisions that have an effect across the whole country.”

We’re looking to recruit a new tenant member to our own board – click here for more information.


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