Beware of bogus callers

November 29 2017 | Articles | News
Beware Of Bogus Callers

There have been reports of bogus callers knocking on people's doors.

In one recent case, someone knocked on a tenant’s door and said they were from ‘housing’. They said they had come to look at a damp problem. The tenant had not booked an appointment with Northwards and, thankfully, realised it was a bogus call.

This person was from a compensation company, trying to get residents to sign up with them if repairs haven’t been done, or done properly.

If you sign up with one of these firms, you will be tied into a complex legal process, and possibly a court case. If you lose in court, you could be asked to pay a bill for legal costs. This could be several thousands of pounds. We would strongly advise tenants not to sign up with these firms but to contact Northwards immediately about any repair requests.

If someone comes to your home claiming to be from Northwards, the council, the police or any other organisation, ask to see their ID before you let them in.

Most agencies won't just turn up; they'll contact you first to let you know they're coming. If the person at your door is genuine, they won't mind proving it to you. For example, all Northwards staff carry an ID card. And our repairs staff, who work for Mears, will be able to show you their Mears ID.

Make sure you check an ID card thoroughly to make sure it's real. If you have a chain lock, it's worth using this while you do it.

You can ring us on 03000 123 123 to double-check the ID or the appointment.

If in doubt, keep them out

You don’t have to let any stranger into your home.

If you’re suspicious, ring the police

Call the police non-emergency number 101 if you’re not in immediate danger but want to report an incident. Otherwise, if you feel threatened, call 999.

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